Our Products

  • Roadbase to Main Roads specification 2.1 2.3 2.5
  • Fill Materials 
    CBR 15
  • Drainage Rubble
    20-50mm 35-75mm
  • Crusher Dust
  • Rock Products
  • Aggregates
    7mm 10mm 14mm

Technical Information

At Hard Rock Quarries Maryborough, we have two separate pits that have been designated by main roads due to the colour of the rock in each deposit the white pit (the original pit we started) and the black pit. These pits have been given separate certificates of certification by main roads due to the different products that are produced from each pit.

The white Pit is where it all began for us and where we produce the majority of our products. This pit is generally a trachy latite deposit and produces our roadbases, gabion and other rock products. Due to its structural properties it is one of the few local deposits suitable from marine armour rock.

A typical petrograghic analysis is available on one of the links below.


The Black Pit is where the material comes from for our aggregate production. This is a vast trachy andersite deposit that seems to have formed as an intrusion in the latite deposit and is currently above the white pit. This rock is suitable for use as concrete aggregate, roadbase, rail ballast and sealing and asphalt aggregates. The top weathered layer is being used for blending in roadbase production in the bottom pit for the production of 2.3 and 2.5 roadbases.

Once again a typical petrograghic analysis of this material is available on a link below.